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EduTravel for Credit

EduTravel is a wholly Canadian owned and operated tour provider founded on the concept of experiential learning. Our mission is to provide Canadian students with a safe, fun and engaging learning experience outside of the classroom. In partnership with Ontario school boards and private schools, our innovative programs provide students with the opportunity to travel locally and internationally while earning a wide variety of Ontario secondary school credits. Credits are issued through our education partners, and teachers are Ontario certified and trained in Experiential Learning techniques. All travel services and experiential curriculum are provided by the education experts at EduTravel Inc.

Our programs enrich the learning experience for all students by offering engaging, experiential and affordable opportunities for students. The objective of our programs is to enrich the curriculum content being delivered and to create academic pathways to post-secondary institutions, while allowing students the structured independence of traveling with friends with equity and accessibility as key goals.


I learned so much from the trip and made many life-long friends. I will never forget this trip and I truly believe it increased my social and academic skills.


Students earn valuable Ontario high school credits that help them achieve their Ontario Secondary School Diplomas. Certified teachers and principals are hired by the local boards in order to ensure student safety and to oversee the integrity of course instruction and assessment. The programs feature extensively planned jam-packed itineraries that include both course relevant and fun activities at an affordable price.

There are no extra optional excursions – all the fun is included! Tour Leaders are carefully selected and professionally trained to bring the curriculum to life at each and every destination. EduTravel’s experiential learning model breaks away from the traditional classroom by giving students the opportunity to learn from new, first-hand encounters in the real world. EduTravel students experience a taste of post-secondary life as they visit top university campuses and gain insight into the independent lifestyle.

As an educational organization, EduTravel places a strong emphasis on social justice to promote critical thinking among our youth. Whether we visit the United Nations in NYC, volunteer at the L.A. Food Bank or participate in a coral replantation initiative in Fiji, our trips are tailored to promote global citizenship and enhance the curriculum with local experiences.

Some of the highlights that are unique to our program are:

Ontario Certified Teachers

University Visits, Accommodation, Instructional Time at Post-Secondary Institutions

Blended Model of Instruction and Assessment (online, in-class, site-based travel experiences)

Individual Education Plans (IEP) support; student success

Affordable Safe Travel with TICO Licensed Tour Operator,



Taking education beyond the classroom and bringing value to meaningful engagement.

What does a travel credit look like using this unique program design?

Students reach the learning goals for their course of study within the context of the activities and events that have been planned for each destination on the trip. Students make an informed choice of how they will demonstrate they have reached the overall and specific expectations for the course they are studying and for their cumulative evaluation as they honour their strengths and passions.

Our model of education supports students as they strive for excellence in taking responsibility for their learning and demonstrating effective organizational skills. Students work both independently and collaboratively and take the initiative to inquire into the broader world around them, while exercising the self-discipline necessary to grow and succeed as global citizens.

Students with learning exceptions are supported through their Individual Education Plans (IEPs)..


EduTravel makes bursary funds available for families that require financial assistance.