Understanding the Study Tour Meaning: How Study Tours Work

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Summer learning study tours are a fantastic opportunity for high school students to travel the world – and learn while doing so! Study tours have actually been shown to leave lasting, positive impacts on students: 75% of students in one survey said that they acquired skill sets while abroad that influenced their career path. In the spirit of helping more students get access to this potentially life-altering experience, we want to dispel any confusion so you fully understand the study tour meaning and everything a study tour entails.

What Is a Study Tour?

Summer learning study tours are essentially guided trips (also referred to as educational tours) organized by a student travel company and run by accredited teachers. The goal is to immerse these students in their new environment and through that immersion create deeper learning experiences. 

For instance, it’s hard to imagine a better way to study biology than to go to where evolutionary science was first developed: the Galapagos Islands, following in the direct footsteps of Charles Darwin. 

And that’s just one example – your child can learn about international business in New York City, fashion in New York City, art history in Europe (Italy and France), hospitality and tourism in Orlando, and so much more. 

These summer learning programs may take place across the globe, but they all have one thing in common: they let the environment itself reinforce the learning experience. 

Not only does seeing Michaelangelo’s David in person mean more than seeing it in a textbook, but it also helps engage the student and embed the learning experience in a special moment they’ll never forget. This can have a profound impact on how well students retain information. 

So what is a study tour? Study tours are best described as a means to help students explore the world in a safe, inquisitive, educational group that also helps achieve learning outcomes that simply can’t be achieved in the classroom. 

All with the added benefit of maybe being the thing that inspires your child to do all sorts of amazing things! From working harder at school to having a better idea of a career trajectory, we’ve seen thousands of students go through positive transformations over the years following a trip. 

And don’t forget that all these programs are for credit. So that means a lighter workload for your child when they get back to school being one credit ahead of the game.

Summer Learning Programs

The best part about these summer learning programs is that there is a program for practically every type of kid! From science lovers to history buffs to fashionistas to political junkies, no matter what your child’s interests are, you can find a program that fits their personality. 

See below for a full list of our programs:

Benefits of Summer Learning Programs

The value of studying abroad has been an interest of academics for decades. That’s because these programs have the potential to be one of the most educationally rich experiences of your child’s life. 

Better yet, they get to have fun while doing it! The confines of a classroom setting can simply be too stifling for some types of learners, and these types of programs are pretty much designed to bring out the best in students who learn best outside of a classroom. 

Student tours have also been known to help reengage students in their studies as it demonstrates that, yes, learning can actually be really, really fun. 

Learning self-sufficiency, gaining insights into new cultures, making new friends and contacts . . . the ancillary benefits of the trip in addition to the educational value are too many to list. 

Sufficient to say that these programs have been shown time and time again to massively benefit students in a wide variety of ways. 

Learn more about our student trips:

Summer Learning Student Tours by EduTravel for Credit

If you’re ready to see if a study tour is for your child, then you’re ready to get in touch with us at EduTravel for Credit. 

We are one of the top student travel companies in Canada, offering a huge variety of programs, so you’re bound to find one that fits your budget, child’s interests, and your child’s age.

Find out more about these amazing opportunities – learn abroad, travel, and grow.

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