March Break Activities 2024: Things to Do on March Break

March Break Activities 2024

March Break activities in 2024 are important. 

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students are left searching for things to do on March Break to fill their time. 

While there are many March Break camps to choose from, one option that gets overlooked too often is to send your high school student on a summer break trip. 

Not only is the trip accredited (meaning it will help with your child’s graduation plan, potentially lessening their load in the coming year) it also is a chance to take in experiential learning, which studies have shown can lead to superior learning outcomes. 

Things to Do on March Break 2024 – Why Choose a Student Trip for Credit

There are many, many benefits of study abroad programs.

Some of them include:

  • Superior learning outcomes – between experiential learning benefits, a highly curated curricula, and a low student-to-teacher/staff ratio led by passionate educators who both love and are knowledgeable about the subjects they teach, students often find greater academic success when studying abroad
  • Personal growth – sometimes getting out of the familiar can lead to great leaps of self discovery, or even just growth maturity and autonomy spending some time away from mom and dad
  • Passion – for kids that have difficulty identifying a passion in their studies, sending them to learn about, say, art history in Paris has a way to kindling that passionate fire
  • Hone language skills – there is no better way to learn a language than to immerse yourself completely in it
  • Build friendships – spending time with friends in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is a great way to form lasting bonds and memories

Not to mention that you all, moms and dads, get to have some time on your own at home over the break. 

Grade 12’s – Enhance Your University Application while Travelling!

With university applications right around the corner in April, our programs offer one last chance to earn a credit that can boost your top six grades, helping increase your chances of getting accepted into your dream program. 

While good grades are of course not guaranteed (this is still school, with the same academic demands and assessments in place) our students have been known to achieve higher-than usual grades. 

That’s because students that join our trips benefit from:

  • Low teacher/TA-to-student ratio translating into more care and attention for your child compared to more crowded classrooms
  • Immersive experiences that excite the students, making the learning process overall more engaging
  • Specially selected educators who have a history helping identify stumbling blocks for students – and helping them overcome them
  • Focused learning – a single subject, a single focus, free from distractions and other academic demands 

What to Do for March Break 2024? Try These Trips!

Art History in Europe – Grade 11/12

Start in Rome with the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Sistine Chapel, end in Paris at the Louvre – all in the span of a week. Your student will take in the beautiful architecture and pieces of art that have drawn hundreds of millions of people to these cities for decades. Take in the splendor of the David in Florence and explore the Uffizi Gallery leaving your child fully immersed in the rich history of art in Europe. 

Civics and Careers in Ottawa, Montreal, and New York City – Grade 10

From our nation’s capital to the United Nations headquarters in New York City, your child will leave this program with a far better understanding of how both federal and global governmental bodies operate . . . while also catching a Broadway show after hours (what trip to NYC is complete without it?).

Environmental Studies in the Dominican Republic – Grade 11/12

Your child will get the opportunity to learn about the environment – and the challenges they’ll be facing – on one of the most beautiful islands on earth. Nothing imparts the need to protect nature on young people quite like experiencing all it has to offer firsthand. They’ll be educated on environmental issues as well as farm-to-table production. 

Fashion in New York City – Grade 12

Have a budding fashionista at home? Send them to the fashion capital of the world in New York  where they’ll be immersed in fashion design, as well as get to create their own garment. Nights will be spent exploring all New York has to offer – from jazz to broadway to comedy. 

Hospitality and Tourism in Orlando – Grade 11/12

Orlando is a hub for tourism with its many amusement parks, warm weather, and beautiful beaches. Your child will take it all in and come away with a better understanding of how cities can  work towards creating an inviting atmosphere for tourists. 

Learn more about our student trips:
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International Business in New York City – Grade 12

If business is more up your kid’s alley, then try this program. They’ll go to New York City, the financial centre of the world. While there, they’ll get to see the NYSE, Wall Street, and otherwise gain a better understanding of how finance operates.  

Photography in Europe – Grade 11/12

A photo is only as good as its subject – and is there a better subject than Europe? From beautiful nature to breathtaking architecture, your aspiring shutterbug will be spoiled for choice of amazing subjects. Paris, Florence, Rome, and Pompeii in all their splendor will be capture on film – don’t forget to ask to see the pictures when they’re back!

The New Yorker (Interdisciplinary Studies) – Grade 11/12

This program focuses on the interaction of English, History, and The Arts and how each one impacts the other. All three subjects will come alive in NYC! From museums to living neighbourhoods, your child will come away with an eclectic, multidisciplinary set of learning achievements like understanding how to criticize theatre and learning about the marketing industry. 

World Religions in New York City – Grade 11

Gain a better grasp of the world’s major religions with hands-on activities that are geared towards fostering understanding and appreciation. Taking place in one of the most multicultural cities on earth – NYC. 

Ski BC (Recreation & Healthy Active Living Leadership) – Grade 12

Just because you’re learning doesn’t mean you can’t be enjoying outdoor activities at the same time! This school break, send your student on a ski and snowboard trip – that includes high school credits! Fun, active, educational . . . does it get any better? 

Bon Appétit in Europe (Food and Culture/Nutrition and Health) – Grade 11/12

Okay, I know we’ve been big o famous Globe Theatre, exploring Ecuador’s Amazon Jungle,n Europe in this piece, but can you blame us? There’s just so much to like! Including the incomparable culinary delights. Enjoy a food tour that dreams are made of by sampling the world-renowned dishes of Paris, Florence, and Rome. 

Communications Technology – Anywhere! – Grade 12

Want to feel the rush of exploring the many neighbourhoods of New York City but don’t see a program that quite matches up with your child’s interests? How about visiting a tropical paradise in the Dominican Republic, or taking in the sights, sounds, and tastes of Italy and France? Our Communication Technology program lets your student travel the world, designing and producing projects through photography or video. With any of the above locations as eligible destinations, this is the perfect chance for your child to travel to a place they’ve always wanted to visit while developing skills relating to video and film production; print and graphic communications; photography; digital imaging; and interactive new media.

March Break 2024 Activities with EduTravel for Credit

There’s no end to March Break 2024 activities that your child can experience with EduTravel for Credit. 

We accommodate a variety of age ranges and interests. See below for our full list of both summer and March Break options. Looking for March Break 2024 things to do? Look no further than EduTravel! Fun, educational, exciting – the full package. 

Our programs include: 

Find out more about these amazing opportunities – learn abroad, travel, and grow.

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